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i’m a recent transplant from crazy los angeles to quiet arroyo grande (central coast of cali) • God has blessed my family more times than i can count, and for that, and for who He is, i am grateful and trying to be faithful • my husband and i met 15 years ago in college, and if possible, i love him more now than i did then • my girls, my blog’s namesake, are beautiful, amazing little humans. watching them grow makes me want to never let go, yet sometimes just scream ;) • i love food, and love to cook and bake • i love photography, and taking pictures of friends’ families, scenery, flowers, or whatever is in front of me • i love my cat (except when she wakes me up at 3am) • my running shoes are the only shoes i own with laces • i eat popcorn way too much • i’m also on the computer way too much • i have little to no fashion sense, i wear what’s comfortable • i can’t put on eyeliner to save my life • i’m a homebirthin’ mama in my heart, but a c-section mama in reality • if there’s a natural/holistic way to do something, i’ll most likely choose that route • i love acupuncture • i love the sound of my girls playing together • i could eat french fries every day and be content • my drink of choice is water • at the time i’m writing this, i’ve breastfed 31 total months between both girls • i have expensive taste, but am frugal. frugality doesn’t always win • i’m nostalgic and don’t like change • i’m a research junkie • i love discovery channel and national geographic • when i sat down to type this, i didn’t think i’d write this many things about me.

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november 12

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